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Tech Startup CFO Newsletters

Eric's practical, insightful (and admittedly opinionated) thoughts on a wide range of CFO topics.  This Newsletter content is not grounded in academic research.  It is grounded in reality, offering time tested solutions and insights into repeating patterns of financial and admin issues facing tech startups in Canada.

You can receive my latest Newsletter directly using the email subscription below, or watch on LinkedIn where I post a notification as each Newsletter is published.  I publish in list sequence as time permits (an earlier attempt to publish regularly on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month had to be abandoned, in deference to client priorities).

Contrasting opinions from my target audience are welcome.  Feel free to message me on LinkedIn, or comment in the Forum section of this website.  Let's start a dialogue!

DISCLAIMER:   No "free" advice, especially tax related advice, should be followed without consulting a professional who is familiar with a tech startup's specific circumstances.
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